Brink to receive patches on all formats

Brink has been available for a couple of days now, which is more than enough time for reports of problems with lag, freezes and random crashes to come in from players.
The game’s director, Paul Wedgwood, has taken to Bethesda’s blog in order to detail the updates and fixes being worked on for each format.
On the Xbox 360, a patch was ready for launch that tackled texture loading times, “rubber banding” in multiplayer and a few of the freezes. Wedgwood says the Splash Damage team is “urgently investigating” new reports of some serious lag in larger Xbox 360 games, and to “stay tuned” for further news on that front.
Details regarding the PS3 are pretty similar. A patch went live on Monday and (somewhat importantly) was available despite PlayStation Network still being down. It addressed the same texture load/freezing problems as the 360 update.

Meanwhile, in PC-land, a new update for the game adds … err … a more accurate crash report for the title. While this is good news (because it means Splash Damage will be getting more details of why the game is falling over,) it is kind of a tacit admission that all is not well in Brink’s PC version.
While the developers investigate these newly enhanced crash reports for compatibility issues, they’ll also be putting together another patch to fix Field of View problems that players have reported.
Odd though it may seem after reading all that, Brink did actually function well enough for us to review (and even enjoy) it.
Source: Bethesda blog

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