The Bethesda blog has outlined quite a few updates for the next Brink patches which are due in the coming days.
With issues on all three platforms needing addressed, the 360 update will include further resolutions to lag issues and is expected some time next week. PC problems that are being sorted out include the sounds droppping out, improved server browser and graphical performace tweaks.
Multiplayer testing has now also resumed for PS3 owners thanks to the PSN now coming back online.
Until the patches arrive, Bethesda offer a few tips for players:
Check your opponent’s network connection / ping:

One player with very low bandwidth connections can have a negative impact on the overall network performance of the game for the team.
You are able to view other player’s connection quality easily by viewing the scoreboard and determining if this is the likely cause of lag.
To view other player’s connection quality, press Start during a match and select the Scoreboard option to display all other players
Other human player bandwidth values are shown on the right hand side of their name as a traffic light value. Anyone that is showing orange or red means they have a bad connection and could potentially be causing the match to become disrupted…

You can also read my opinions on Brink and the recent reviews scores in my latest column and for the full update from bethesda, check the blog.

Paul Younger
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