War thunder

War Thunder is probably the best free to play combat war simulator around and the later this year the British will be entering the fray.

Developer Gaijin plans to roll out British tanks later this year which will include the Churchill Mk.III, Centurion Mk.III and A34 Comet. Creative director Kirill Yudintsev added:

“We think British Tanks will be a welcome addition to the growing ranks of available vehicles. With the addition of US tanks earlier this year we have an incredible number of tanks in War Thunder, and now with British tanks joining the action we’ll increase that number to around 200 historically accurate armored ground vehicles playable in the game by the end of the year”.

Details of the three tanks are as follows:

The oldest of the three tanks – the Churchill III – was one of the main British heavy tanks of WWII. Churchill tanks were amongst the first armoured vehicles to land on the beaches of Normandy in support of the Allied invasion of France on 6 June 1944 and saw heavy action in North Africa and Normandy in the late summer months.

Centurion III is a brilliant representative of the post-war British tanks. Due to the massive supply of “Centurion” tanks to other countries, this tank was used in most of the wars the mid 20th century as well. Like the “Churchill”, the “Centurion” is also distinguished by good survival rates of the crew.

The A34 Comet is a British middleweight cruiser introduced in the final stage of World War II and was to be a continuation of the medium British tanks such as the “Cromwell”, but this tank was specifically designed for the destruction of the newest German tanks. According to some experts, the “Comet”  was the best British tank of the Second World War. The Comet’s excellent gun and a good speed allowed the tank to maximize its ability to position itself and engage the enemy quickly.

More info on these tanks can also be found in a new developer blog.

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