Broken Age Act Two coming at the end of April

Double Fine have announced that the second act of Broken Age will launch on 28 April.

That’s pretty much the entire story, I’m afraid. According to IGN, the long-awaited second act of Double Fine’s Kickstarted adventure will be landing on your PC sometime on 28 April… or 29 April.

The announcement mentions that it’s 28 April in North America and 29 April in Europe, although as the announcement is also talking about the version coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, it’s a little unclear. I’d be sorta surprised if the Steam release date is going to be staggered like that, but… well, I’ve given up on trying to understand the madness of staggered release dates for PC. Maybe Sony demanded that it be regional for everything?

Who knows! We’ll find out in a month, anyway. Broken Age Act Two is due out on 28/29 April.

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