Dragon Ball FighterZ Broly

With the FighterZ Pass 2 set to wrap up for Dragon Ball FighterZ, Bandai Namco is set to finish it with a thunderous bang. After all, who better to kick things off than the DBS version of Broly?

Get ready for Super Saiyan madness

The company introduced the gigantic warrior in a new trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ today. In it, the Saiyan shows off just how much his rage fuels him as he delivers superpowered moves to his adversaries.

Broly is lifted straight from the 2018 anime film Dragon Ball Super: Broly (hence the DBS subname). Following his exile from Planet Vegeta as a child, he returns to showcase his superhuman strength — and, boy, is he a handful.

Though a bit on the brief side, the trailer shows off some new gameplay footage of the character. He delivers some powerful green-glowing attacks, including fireballs, smashes, and even a super attack where he hits everything within his range. And at one point, he super-transforms into a muscle-bound behemoth and blasts a powerful laser from his mouth. Then he tries to calm down, only to become even more enraged after he wins. Must be all that anger he has pent up inside.

At the moment, Bandai Namco hasn’t provided a launch date for Broly (DBS). We should probably expect him before year’s end, though, as the publisher will likely want to start work on the next season of FighterZ content. Tokyo’s EVO tournament will take place in January, which seems a good place for them to announce what’s coming next.

We’ll keep our ear to the ground to see what could be in store. More than likely, Goku, Vegeta, and the others will have their hands full.

If you haven’t checked out Dragon Ball FighterZ yet, it’s currently for sale on Steam for just $14.99. There’s also a special FighterZ edition and a complete Ultimate Edition.

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