Bruce Willis will take on the role of Kane in the upcoming Kane and Lynch film.
    According to the film’s producer Adrian Askarieh, Willis was keen to sign up for the project after reading “one of the best action scripts he’s ever read.”
    The film is due to start filming in March next year following “two and a half years of false starts,” although the character of Lynch is yet to be cast.
    Askarieh also revealed some details about the film’s storyline:
    “Well, it’s going to have the basic premise. But the details for the movie are going to be different,” he told Game Daily.
    “It’s not going to have every sequence from the game, but it’s essentially the story of a mercenary teaming up with a schizophrenic psychopath to save his wife and daughter.”
    The producer is also working on a big screen version of another third person actioner, Just Cause which is being financed independently and is also due to start filming next spring.
    “I think Just Cause is going to blow up as a franchise this February with Just Cause 2,” asid Askarieh.
    “It became the de-facto hit of E3, so the reason I went after it and I got it is because I saw a movie in it, not because it was going to be a hot video game.”
    Given the history of game to film adaptations, how do you think these games will work on the big screen? Let us know in the comments section below.
    Check out our preview of Just Cause 2 from this year’s E3 here.

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