Rising Star Games’ take on the classic ASCII-based dungeoneering formula, [email protected], has been given a release date of 9 February. The 3D-ified version of the traditional, rogue-like ASCII antics already appeared on PS4 last year, but is now heading PC-wards too.

Your goal, as tends to be the case in these things, is to descend to the lowest possible dungeon floor (the final one being the 26th layer), defeat the Guardian of the Dungeon and nab their crown. The levels are procedurally generated, and presented in a rather Tron-like fashion with a lot of black and neon.

[email protected] has devious monsters, multiple crafting opportunities, and can be played in either single player or (two player) co-op. As well as that, if you don’t fancy relying on the procedural generation you can Dungeon Creator tool to mock up your own death-traps to battle through.

Here’s a trailer.

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