Next Car Game

You monster, those tyres had families.

Finnish developers Bugbear have sent their Next Car Game Kickstarter effort back to the garage, after it became clear that the funding goal of $350,000 USD would not be met. That doesn’t mean development on the game will cease, however. As is so often the case, the project will live on to (potentially) drive another day.

Bugbear has plans to take Next Car Game to Steam’s Early Access, which would allow them to sell alpha and beta versions of the title to raise a bit more cash. To prove that the team actually has some basis to work with, they’ve released a sneak peek tech demo that’s available to anybody who pre-ordered the game (which it was possible to do through the game’s own site, or through Kickstarter pledging.)

As you can tell from the video of the tech demo below, Next Car Game is a destruction-heavy project. The proof of concept is, effectively, a way for you to smash up cars in various different ways. Like putting them through a meat grinder, for example. Not something that would have immediately sprung to mind for me, but oddly compelling to watch.

The full game will be less abstract, taking place on full race courses and derby arenas. Though I have to say, I kind of dig the minimalist backdrops in the demo.

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