Bugbear entertainment, best known for their work on the FlatOut franchise have recently been talking about making a true demolition derby game, which they feel hasn’t been done for years. The studio released a teaser trailer shortly after, showing off some extremely impressive physics and rather brutal crashes.

    The studio are referring to the game so far as their ‘next car game’ but a name will likely be unveiled soon as the studio also said to expect more news ‘soon’.

    A definitive answer of which platforms they are targeting wasn’t specified either. However they did say that the game will release on PC and ‘other systems’.

    “Bugbear is going to deliver the definitive demolition derby racing game,”

    “We’re doing it because nobody else seems capable of delivering the kind of game our fans have been asking from us every week. We feel that there hasn’t been a proper demolition derby game in years. It’s about time they got an answer.”


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