Fortnite Sandcastles Challenge

In just a few weeks time, Fortnite Season 6 will be brought to an end. Therefore, you may be looking to earn as much XP as you can to complete your battle pass. Thankfully, another set of weekly challenges has landed and are ready for you to complete. Two of these challenges involve sandcastles in Fortnite which you are required to both build and destroy. To complete the challenge, you will have to pay a visit to Fortnite’s various beaches. Once you know the exact locations you need to visit, you will have the challenge marked as complete in no time.

There are two locations you can visit which will allow you to build sandcastles. The first is the beach which is just outside Rainbow Rentals, to the northwest of Holly Hedges. Upon arrival, you will notice three glowing areas around the green deck chairs. All you have to do is approach these and hold the build prompt. Also, you can visit the beach that is to the northeast of the of the Dirty Docks point of interest. Once again, you will need to look for the three glowing areas around the deck chairs.


Destroying sandcastles in Fortnite

When you have built the sandcastles, you will want to move on to the next part of the challenge which tasks you with destroying them. Destroying sandcastles in Fortnite can be done at the beach to the northeast of Craggy Cliffs, or the beach south of Flush Factory. If you visit the beach near Craggy Cliffs, you will find ready built sandcastles by the parasols near the coast. Then, you can destroy them by simply holding the destroy prompt when you approach them. Similarly, you can make your way to the beach to the south of Flush Factory, close to the new Isla Nublada island. Performing the same action once you have spotted the sandcastles near the striped canopy will also mark the challenge as complete.

You will earn a significant boost to your battle pass as a result of completing these tasks. Firstly, you will earn 24,000 XP for building sandcastles in Fortnite and a further 24,000 XP for destroying them.

Fortnite Sandcastles Challenge

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