June 22nd, 2017

Not built in a day: Total War: Rome 2 devs talk DLC plans

Total War Rome II (3)

Total War: Rome 2 is out in two weeks, guys! Which obviously means that it’s time to talk about post-launch content.

While there isn’t too much in the way of specifics, there are a few hints at what we’ll see. Lead designer James Russell notes that, despite Rome 2 being the biggest game the team have done, “we’re just scratching the surface of the Roman period, an era so rich in diversity that it’s easy to foresee releasing relevant content for years after ROME II has shipped.”

The three types of DLC mentioned are Culture Packs adding more playable factions or unique units, Feature Packs adding “gameplay or wide-ranging aesthetic changes”, and Campaign Packs, adding… well, story-based campaigns.

And – yes – there’ll be patches. The team are already expecting to use community feedback to improve optimisation, AI, and balance, as well as wanting to see it heavily modded on Steam Workshop.

But you want specifics, don’t you? Well: the Greek States Culture Pack will be out at launch (and is available for free with some pre-orders) along with a free Pontus faction update. By October, the Seleucid Empire will be available for free, and the Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack – adding the Royal Scythians, Roxolani, and Massagetae – will be available as DLC. And everything else… well, we’ll have to see.

Total War: Rome 2 is due out on 3 September.

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