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Games like Enter the Gungeon have proven that bullet hell shooting and dungeon crawling go together like chicken and waffles. So it only makes sense that developer Chunkybox Games would jump in and get a piece of the action with Wildcat Gun MachineThis new bullet hell dungeon crawler promises to offer “an explosion roller coaster ride” filled with disgusting eldritch abominations, destructive weaponry, and of course, cats. If Wildcat Gun Machine sounds like your cup of tea, then you can strap in and go hog wild once the game sees an official release on May 4.

According to the Steam pageWildcat Gun Machine sees players navigating labyrinthine dungeons while gunning down any unsightly horrors along the way. Unlike something like Enter the GungeonWildcat Gun Machine does not classify itself as a rogue-lite, which means the developers have deliberately handcrafted enemy encounters to provide a specific kind of challenge. Players can stand up to these daunting firefights with a selection of over 40 guns, each with its own distinct properties.


A fully customizable war zone

As one would expect, players can make these tense battles more manageable through the use of character upgrades. These already allow players to formulate different strategies and playstyles, but interestingly enough, those having trouble with the game’s difficulty can also choose to increase the rate at which the upgrades respawn. Additionally, the game caters to speedrunners by allowing them to “upgrade their movement speed and improve their dash skill.”

Some of the game’s other notable features include pilotable mechs, a “unique 2D art style,” and “epic set-piece boss battles.” All of these features combined should provide players with plenty of explosive entertainment once the initial release of Wildcat Gun Machine arrives in a few months. Those interested can check out one of the game’s trailers below, although be wary of the corny voiceover.

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