Cities in Motion - Bundle Stars

Here is a city. You will note that parts of it are in motion.

I remember reviewing Cities in Motion back when it came out in 2011, and liking it enough to slap a 7/10 on it (remember, we use the whole scoring range so a 7 is actually pretty positive.) The folks behind Bundle Stars obviously quite like it too, because they’re offering the base game and what I can only imagine is all of the DLC for $5.00 USD.

There’s a whole lot of DLC for this game, from extra buildings to whole new cities. That means additional maps from London, Tokyo, St. Petersburg, Paris and more, alongside the cities you get with the main game (which include Amsterdam, among others.) You get Steam keys for everything, so if it’s important for you to stick with/avoid Valve’s service, that’s worth knowing.

I can tell you this much too. The traffic model works a whole lot better in this game than it does in the latest SimCity. I mean, that’s a pretty low barrier to cross, but it’s worth mentioning.

The bundle looks like it’s running for the next month or so, which gives you 28 more days or so to catch this particular bargain bus.

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