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Zeno Clash 2
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Bundle Stars launches FPS Warriors 2 Bundle

zenoclash2 (1)

Zeno Clash and Zeno Clash 2 have you punch things other than birds, in case you were wondering.

It’s time for another Bundle Stars bundle, and this one’s not half bad. The FPS Warriors 2 bundle slaps eight shooters together for the price of €3.50, and a few of those shooters are most definitely worth a look.

There’s multiplayer shooter/RTS hybrid Nuclear Dawn, old-school fast-paced shooter Hard Reset: Extended Edition, other old-school fast-paced shooters Painkiller: Black Edition and Painkiller Overdose, multiplayer airship battler Air Buccaneers, excellent bird-punching simulators Zeno Clash and Zeno Clash 2, and the early-2000s shooter Chaser. I’m not sure I’d eagerly recommend all of them, but considering the price, there’s a fair bit of quality in there. Hell, Zeno Clash and Hard Reset are worth the asking price alone, and they aren’t the only solid games in there.

If you fancy picking it up, pop on over to the game’s page on Bundle Stars over here.