Bungie Is Overhauling Destiny 2's Least Liked Weapon Perks (3)

When it comes to a live service game, things are always changing. Developers never want their game to be stagnant or allow issues to linger. In theory, there should be plenty of two-way communication between the developers and community, allowing for dynamic changes that are beneficial for all involved. That is what is happening to Destiny 2 in one of the latest proposed changes coming to the space shooter. It would seem weapon perks are being looked at, with some of the more egregious ones being examined by Bungie for Destiny 2.

The perks in question are Celerity and Bottomless Grief. Unlike most other beneficial buffs, these two happen only on one condition: that you are the last remaining member of your fireteam alive.


So, unless you like going up against overwhelming odds alone, these two weapon perks most likely will not matter to most Destiny 2 players.

However, that is not to say they are not worth it. Celerity gives buffs of +100 to target acquisition, handling, and reload speed. This is alongside reduced recoil and bullet spread to eliminate your enemies. Bottom Grief, on the other hand, refills your magazine entirely with each kill. It is clear that these weapon perks have been designed for players to make a glorious last stand to avenge their teammates.

Bungie Is Overhauling Destiny 2's Least Liked Weapon Perks (1)


However, the implementation of said weapon perks has not gone down well with Destiny 2 players. Bungie is taking notice, and in a blog post, Weapons Feature Lead Chris Proctor was on hand to share more. His conclusion is that relying on a negative trigger meant any power granted to players meant little. It is never good to be alone against the enemy. In order to make things right, the weapon perks are getting additional benefits in Destiny 2. 

In addition to those buffs when your fireteam is dead, players will get +30 to the Magazine stat with Bottomless Grief, and +20 to Reload and Handling with Celerity. These additional buffs will be active even when everyone is alive. This way, players are benefitting throughout the fight.

Expanding the selection

Proctor also discussed the growing desire to have those perks be changed into intrinsic abilities on Adept weapons. The idea is not feasible simply due to performance reasons. There are only so many perks that can run on a character at a time. Adding more without taking away one could easily lead to random parts of perks being turned off.

Bungie Is Overhauling Destiny 2's Least Liked Weapon Perks (2)

Outside of the weapon perks, the blog post also touched on changes coming to vendors. The Gunsmith will begin selling six randomly rolled weapons per week in the next season. ADA-1 will also return, bringing randomly rolled armor and more mods for players to buy.

If you are into the action of Trials, be sure to jump in this weekend for your chance at gaining the Shotgun. Just win three matches and you are all set. Win seven rounds, however, and you will be proud owner of the Igneous Hammer hand cannon. Let’s just hope that the weapon rolls are exactly what you are looking for.

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