Bungie staff will work from home due to the coronavirus threat

Bungie Destiny 2 bungie Coronavirus

Bungie has announced that its staff will be working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. This news was shared recently through Bungie’s official site. As of yesterday, Bungie has started its remote work infrastructure to allow continued operations despite the coronavirus threat, because there have been several coronavirus infections confirmed in the greater Seattle area, which is where Bungie’s headquarters is located. Bungie stated that all employees have all the necessary tools to keep effective communication and development efforts on track.

The developer also discussed the reaction time of its coronavirus strategy. According to the company, its plan is designed for rapid changes as the virus situation evolves in the upcoming days. The plan likewise contemplates procedures to follow for employee reintegration once the virus has receded.

Will the coronavirus affect Bungie’s Destiny 2?

One of the main highlights of Bungie’s coronavirus statement was its possible effects on Destiny 2‘s content updates. According to the developer, the goal is to keep moving forward with the development of Destiny 2‘s content as usual. As well, it was mentioned that the technical upkeep of the game should continue on track.

One thing Bungie did mention is that patching frequency for the game might change, in the short term at least. Although, all major content releases will remain as scheduled. Particularly, Season of the Worthy will still launch on March 10. Also, the multiplayer mode, Trials of Osiris, will release on March 13 as expected. In summary, Destiny 2 should remain alive and well during this operational transition period.

Bungie Destiny 2 Coronavirus

The coronavirus threat has not only affected Bungie. Many events in the gaming industry have suffered from cancellations from developers. In some cases, complete events like GDC have been postponed until later in the year. Although, some events like E3, which take place later in the year, are currently continuing forward as planned.