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Things have been a little up and down for Destiny 2 over the past few months, as the developer continues to tweak things. The game’s community is typically engaged with said changes, even if it doesn’t always agree with developer decisions. However, Bungie is hoping for a bright 2021 for Destiny 2, as it looks to the year ahead.

Assistant Game Director at Bungie, Joe Blackburn, took to Twitter to outline 2021 plans for Destiny 2. He reiterated that Destiny‘s best days lie ahead, though admitted there’s plenty of work to do to get there. Blackburn also said that things will be different for the game next year, but didn’t elaborate on that any further.


We should find out more soon enough. The developer closed his statement by saying to expect a “state of Destiny 2021″ update as soon as next season, direct from Bungie. Season 13 is set to kick off on February 9. That is likely when we will find out more about the year as a whole for Destiny 2.

Don’t stop tweaking

In the meantime, Bungie continues to tweak and patch up Destiny 2. Update 3.0.2 is live across all platforms, which addresses a multitude of glitches, balance issues, and rewards problems. This is on the back of last week’s blog post, This Week At Bungie.

That article discussed changes that have now come about in version 3.0.2, along with what the team expects to tweak in Season 13. Bungie is altering some weapons, drops, and sectors on certain planets to ensure end-game activities stay relevant. Rank rewards and how you earn and access them will also be different from Season 13 onwards.

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Additionally, Bungie surprisingly brought an update on Halo, a series the team hasn’t worked on for over 10 years. The Halo stats website is shutting down on February 9. If you want to recover any of your stats, images and clips from way back when, you have a little under three weeks to do so.

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