Martin O’Donnell is the wonderful musician who put music to the Halo games and won many awards for it. Today it has been announced that Bungie has terminated O’Donnell without cause on the 11th of April.

O’Donnell’s career began with making music for TV and radio before he started working on games. In 1997 his company, TotalAudio, did sound work for the 1997 game Riven. Later he worked on Bungie’s game Oni and was then hired to work on a secret project which was actually Halo: Combat Evolved. O’Donnell joined Bungie just a few days before Microsoft bought the company and has created the beautiful music in every Halo game up until Reach. He has won many awards for his composing and is considered one of the best video game musicians out there.


Before he was fired, O’Donnell was composing muwsic for Bungie’s upcoming game, Destiny. Whether his music will still appear is unknown. Bungie have released the following message on their site:

“For more than a decade, Marty O’Donnell filled our worlds with unforgettable sounds and soundtracks, and left an indelible mark on our fans. Today, as friends, we say goodbye. We know that wherever his journey takes him, he will always have a bright and hopeful future.

We wish him luck in all his future endeavors.”

Source: IGN


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