Treasure Bunkers Call Of Duty Warzone Verdansk

If you have wandered around in Call of Duty: Warzone, you’ve likely stumbled upon some imposing locked doors. Littered around Verdansk, they hinted at some unknown treasures that lay on the other side. Players have tried in vain to get past the obstacles, but everything has failed. However, as part of the new patch 1.21, access to these bunkers has now been granted.

Enter if you dare

As part of the new update, a previously useless keycard that appeared in an earlier update will now work. This keycard gives players access to the different bunkers in Warzone. Waiting inside is plenty of high-tier loot that may or may not help you survive in the battle royale.

However, while players can now unlock the first set of doors, there appear to be others inside the bunker as well. Whether those are just cosmetic decorations or part of Infinity Ward’s plans for the future remains to be seen.

Such a treasure trove of useful items will surely see players competing for them. As more players realize that they can unlock the bunkers and retrieve the loot inside, you should expect firefights to break out between opposing forces in an attempt to liberate the treasures. The risks and rewards are both huge, but sometimes, you’ve got to go big or go home. It’s a smart move by the devs, adding rewards for players that they will likely have to go through hell to obtain.

In fact, you would not know it even if you read the patch notes for Call of Duty: Warzone. The only hint that the keycard can now unlock the doors only came in a cryptic message at the end: “Number station <redacted> is Protocol Yellow. Activate <redacted> system. <redacted> is inbound. Awaiting correct authorization.”

There are definitely mysteries aplenty in Verdansk. We wager that more will come in the future than just unlockable treasure bunkers. Stay tuned.

Jake Su
Tactical strategy games are Jake's jam, and defending the Earth from alien and internal threats is just his bread and butter since the 1990s.

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