bioshock infinite burial at sea (3)

Fontaine’s deadliest weapon, a bugged airlock.

Irrational is aware of the airlock bug so many people have been running in to during playthroughs of BioShock Infinite’s Burial at Sea, and is working on a patch to fix this (and presumably any other) issues with the DLC.

Posting on the 2K forums (via another Irrational staff member,) producer Adrian Murphy confirms that the developer has been able to replicate the bug internally and is now working on a solution. Murphy describes the team as “actively working on fixes for an upcoming patch.” 2K has signed off on it, so the patch will be available “as soon as is safe to do so.”

That means once Irrational is satisfying with internal testing results and (for the consoles) once Microsoft and Sony get it through testing too. A Steam update is likely to be much sooner. Irrational promises an update “when we have a better idea on the patch release dates.”

For now, here’s how to get around the airlock bug.

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