burial at sea part 1 (2)

An opt-in beta patch for BioShock Infinite’s first part of the Burial at Sea DLC has been released through Steam for PC users. It aims to fix the problem many people have reported with the Securis airlock refusing to open once you’ve activated the lift in Fontaine’s department store. It’s only in beta at the moment, so it may not fix that problem for everybody.

Opt-in beta patches are different from Steam’s usual auto-downloads in that you have to do a bit of work to get them. If you fancy grabbing it, here’s what you do: right-click BioShock Infinite in your games list, find properties, then find the ‘betas’ tab and click the drop down menu. Select the Burial at Sea beta in there (PC only, sorry Mac users) and then close the properties window. It should begin to download.

Since it’s a beta, there’s a disclaimer to go with it: “As this is an untested fix, those who opt into the beta branch are doing so voluntarily and understand that the issue at hand may still occur, and/or other unforeseen issues may arise as a result of the changes made in this build.”

If the airlock is still bugging out on you, there is a work-around involving the lift (basically just using that to travel back to the location instead of going through the airlock.)

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