Business associates: new Syndicate co-op trailer

The latest in a line of Syndicate co-op trailers has been released by EA, and features a quick look at the four characters present in this mode of the game. They are … well, it’s fair to say they’re not exactly Bill, Louis, Zoey and Francis. I didn’t quite catch all the names, but I believe they’re called (1) Mercenary Bloke, (2) A.N. McMercenary, (3) Femme DuMerc and (4) Mercenary Lady who has a name a bit like Akira but not quite.
Perhaps their various character traits will be revealed like a beautiful unfurling flower as people play the actual game. Or perhaps it doesn’t matter what their characters are, because they’ll all just be used as blank slates to mercilessly minigun everything in sight.
Syndicate is due for release this February, on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.
Here’s the previously-released ‘New England’ co-op trailer for some extra Syndicate-y action.