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PC Invasion

Buyers protected: Nvidia announces new ship date for Shield

Nvidia Project Shield

Nvidia has announced that their unexpectedly-delayed handheld device that will let you stream stuff from your PC, the Shield, will be shipping on 31 July. Which is just barely inside their revised launch window of “July.”

The Shield was delayed the day before it was due to launch because of “a mechanical issue that relates to a 3rd party component.” This has now presumably been fixed, as the system is currently in full production and will be shipped at the end of this month.

I confess to being slightly wary of any product that’s held back because of mechanical problems, given a revised release window, and then the actual release date turns out to be the absolute last day of that window, but that’s probably just me being cynical. If the system is in full production now then the issue has presumably been fixed with plenty of time to build the units, so I guess everything’s looking good.

The Shield is a handheld device that runs on Android and is capable of streaming music, videos, and games from your PC to its 5″ screen, and will set you back $300.