June 20th, 2017

Bye bye, bank balance: Steam summer sale begins

Bye bye, bank balance: Steam summer sale begins

steam summer sale 2013

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. Steam’s summer sale – running from today through to 22 July – has begun.

It’s running with the same sort of system as before: most things are on sale throughout, but there are also ten daily deals, four “flash sales” that change every eight hours, and a “Community Choice” sale every eight hours.

The biggies on offer in today’s deals are probably BioShock Infinite for £17.49, Hotline Miami for £1.74, Defiance for £6.79, and – in the current flash sales – Skyrim for £10.49. I’m sort of assuming you’ve all got Dragon Age and Left 4 Dead 2 by now, and the others are perhaps not quite as big.

Still, take a look for yourselves – if you can get on. Unsurprisingly, Steam is “experiencing heavy load” right now. Also, bear in mind that the usual way to deal with a Steam sale is to wait and see if the game you want turns up in a daily deal/flash sale/community choice, as those normally discount the games below their normal sale price. You’d hate to buy Far Cry 3 for £14.99, only for it to be dropped to £12 the next day, wouldn’t you? Right.

Also, have a related video Peter linked me earlier:

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