Total War: Rome II

Sega and Creative Assembly have settled on 3 September as the worldwide release date for Total War: Rome II, so that’s the date when you’ll be able to send your proud Roman legions to victory/fight for your country against the Roman oppressors.

Anybody who pre-orders the game in any form from anywhere will get the first planned bit of DLC for free. It’s a ‘Greek States Culture Pack’ that adds three additional playable factions, Epirus, Athens and Sparta. Rather seems like those chaps could’ve been in the main game and not chopped out for DLC pre-order incentives, doesn’t it?

If you want to go even further and drop £110 GBP on a limited (to 22,000) Collectors Edition, you can do that too. It comes with a canvas map (yay!) and three bonus games that exist in the physical realm (card game Total War: Punic Wars, a Roman Tabula set and some Tesserae dice.) You also get a “fully-functional Onager, or Roman siege catapult” … but it’s only 26cm, so you can’t use it to destroy local buildings.

Total War: Rome II collectors

Remember that Greek DLC I mentioned? Here’s a video for it.

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