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Aw, isn’t he cute?

Now, I got a bit angry about the last Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer. That’s because it was garbage. This new one, on the other hand, is a good old gameplay romp with some Extinction aliens. No complaints there.

The Ghosts Onslaught DLC comes with episode one of a four-part Extinction narrative arc (spoiler: it involves aliens,) which is going by the name of Nightfall. It’s not called that because it’s dark (although it might be dark too,) but because a sinister “Nightfall Program” in Alaska has been researching the aliens.

Unfortunately the aliens have got loose and they love eating scientists, so your team needs to go in and fetch any remaining intel that might not have been chewed on yet.

In further unfortunate news, Onslaught is an annoying timed exclusive so the PC version won’t be around for another month or so.

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