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    How many Titans do we need to run your face, Kevin?

    There was some brief interest yesterday when some PC specs for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare were found on the Activision store. Those specs have since been removed and Activision confirms that the real Advanced Warfare specifications have yet to be announced.

    Here’s the publisher doing just that on twitter.

    This doesn’t some to be any kind of “oops, we goofed” cover-up, because the Advanced Warfare specs listed on the page were identical to the ones for Call of Duty: Ghosts (which, in turn, were ultimately incorrect due to the erroneous 6GB RAM requirement.)

    In other words, they were placeholders. Activision hasn’t given any indication when the real PC specs might be released, but suggested that we “stay tuned” for updates.

    Peter Parrish

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