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Battlefield V Developer Is So Good At Call Of Duty, He Got Banned

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Here’s a normal reaction when a player outplays you in a competitive FPS game: “That can’t be right! That’s a bug!” That’s what happened last week when a player reported a bug which ended up with Treyarch providing a play-by-play of his aiming mistakes. Another plausible reaction when you’re getting a butt-kicking is: “They’re cheating! No doubt about it! Cheaters!” That’s exactly what opponents must’ve thought when they went up against Florian Le Bihan. Unbeknownst to his opponents, Bihan is not just really good at Call of Duty. He’s also a developer for EA Dice who’s working on Battlefield V. Not just that, Le Bihan was also known as “Drunkkz3” — the former manager and player of esports team Fnatic. He’s one of the top FPS pro-gamers around. Check out some of his plays in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4:

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Le Ban For Le Bihan

I consider myself fairly decent when it comes to FPS games, whether it’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Destiny, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. For instance, I joined — and won — some local tournaments here in the Philippines almost two decades ago when Counter-Strike was just version 1.1 to 1.3. However, even on my best day, I would not want to end up in a match against Le Bihan. The man has quick-scoping down to a “T”, which allows him to get one headshot after another. It’s not just pure luck or any aimbot. He’d probably wipe the floor with me, and I’d end up reporting him as well (just kidding about the report; not kidding about him annihilating me).

And perhaps that’s what led to his ban in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 — he was just too damn good. That either meant players reported him often or the game incorrectly detected that he was doing some shooting game voodoo in the background.

Le Bihan continued to appeal to get unbanned. He compiled some clips of his best — and jaw-dropping — plays. He also kept reaching out to Treyarch. Alongside these attempts, the Battlefield V developer also surmised what might’ve led to his punishment in the first place from “kills per minute” and “headshot sequences.”


In the end, Le Bihan’s plight was investigated and his Black Ops 4 ban was lifted. He couldn’t help but celebrate in that tweet above. He also added some constructive criticism about game balancing. I can definitely agree with him, as the dual-wield Saug truly is broken.

So yes, this is one case of a Battlefield developer who also enjoys the content from that game’s greatest rival, Call of Duty. Le Bihan’s Twitter feed this past few hours have been hilarious indeed. One moment he’s announcing news about Battlefield V, and the next, he’s asking to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 again. Isn’t it nice when developers from competing companies enjoy one another’s products? As for their respective fan bases, well, that’s a different story.

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