A counter has appeared on callofduty.com, promising a ‘World Reveal’ of the next in the Call of Duty series. They’re a bit slow on that front, as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was pretty much ‘revealed’ back in February, when Activision may or may not have threatened to blacklist the journalists responsible.
There’s not much doubt that this is Black Ops 2, because the source code for the callofduty.com site includes a 2012 copyright claim for ‘Black Ops’. Photographs of an alleged press kit have also been circulating, showing the next installment to be a Treyarch-developed sequel to Black Ops.
1 May is the big reveal date, with a teaser trailer (oh boy, more non-info) set to air on the TNT channel during basketball playoffs over in Americaland.
Honestly, I don’t think contemporary publicity teams are trying hard enough. Sure, this is a reveal of … a forthcoming reveal (which in itself will just be a teaser), but I think there’s a whole other level of meta-hype that’s not yet been explored. Let’s really go for it next year and try for a reveal of a reveal of a reveal.
Source: callofduty.com

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