Land, air, and sea pack

Since fans got a first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, more information has emerged about the different editions that are available for purchase. These include the standard version, the cross-generation version, and the ultimate edition. Although all PC editions include the confrontations weapon pack, it has been revealed that pre-ordering the ultimate edition will reward you with the land, sea, and air pack.

Described by Activision, the land, sea, and air pack is “themed around three classical dimensions of warfare.” The bundle will have a total of nine items that you can use in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. To break it down, you will be rewarded with three vehicle skins, three operator skins, and three weapon blueprints.

Take combat on land, air, and sea

The land pack will grant you the sucker punch shotgun. This is a sawed off-stock shotgun with a shorter barrel. The weapon has quite a basic appearance, with the shells stuck on to the side. The operator skin in the land pack is ground infantry. The operator has a covered face and is equipped with camouflage clothing. Also, the vehicle skin known as the red bear gives the vehicle a blue hue. Moreover, this makes the bright red star stand out even more on the vehicle.

Land, Air And Sea Pack

Next, the sea pack will grant you the black tide assault rifle. The gold assault rifle is equipped with 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges to dominate the enemy. Notably, the operator skin wears a wetsuit, fitting with the sea theme. Finally, the leviathan vehicle skin appears to have a zebra pattern, equipped with sea accessories.

The final pack is the air pack, which has a wingman pistol, decorated with a checkered muzzle. Similarly, the operator skin is a flightsuit which has the same checkered pattern on the helmet. The air vehicle skin, the death dealer, is blue with markings and symbols resembling bombs dropping,

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