Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta gets trailer and PC start date

We’re almost into Call of Duty season, so it only makes sense that the Modern Warfare multiplayer beta will be starting up soon. Launching on PS4 this weekend, PC and Xbox One players will be able to jump into the fray next weekend to try out the latest Activision-published shooter. Infinity Ward is back in the saddle, and we’re returning to the present day to get our military intrigue on. If you need a reminder for when the beta will be happening, let this short trailer hype you up.

As you might notice from the video, there is a short preorder access period for the new beta. If you happen to reserve the game on your platform of choice (either physically or digitally), you’ll be given an extra few days to sample Modern Warfare‘s multiplayer offerings. Activision isn’t talking about what this beta will have, but the previous PS4 alpha contained the Gunfight 2v2 mode. Playing out similarly to Counter-Strike, players were impressed with the level of realism on display. The mode harkened back to Call of Duty‘s roots as a purer form of shooting action, unlike the bombast of later entries.

That mode is likely to see a return in this coming beta, but the true star will be the implementation of Modern Warfare‘s crossplay support. A gigantic selling point of this latest entry is breaking down barriers and allowing players on any platform to rumble with each other. If you’re worried about getting dominated by keyboard and mouse players, know that crossplay is filtered by device type instead of lumping everyone together. Console players are even being given the chance to play with keyboard and mouse, leveling the playing field a bit.

The beta will be running Sept. 19 – 23. The early-access period will start on Sept. 19 while everyone else will be able to participate on Sept. 21.

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