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Call of Duty: Vanguard Season Three saw an array of new content make its debut in terms of a new map, new weapons, and more. In the past, Activision has provided free access periods to give those who do not own the game a chance to try it out. If you want to get involved in the Vanguard Season Three action without purchasing the game, now you can. Another free access period has just begun for Vanguard multiplayer, and it’s set to last one week.

Let’s break down exactly what you can access with Vanguard’s free access week. Usually, players who participate in the trial period only get access to a limited amount of content. However, this time around, you can access the entirety of Vanguard multiplayer for free. This includes over 20 multiplayer maps, including the new Mayhem map, which launched with Season Three. At the same time, you can to jump into old classics such as Shipment and Dome. Every Vanguard game mode is also available, from the large scale objective Arms Race mode to more chaotic combat on a small-scale.


Make the most of the Vanguard free access week

The Vanguard free access week lasts from May 18 at 1 PM ET to May 24 at 12 PM ET. If you have previously taken part in a Vanguard free access period, it’s still worth joining in the action again because of the amount of content available this time around. Moreover, changes have been made to the game since the last time a free access event went live. The most recent update removed the Assault filter from combat pacing in order to achieve a more diverse map pool.

PC players can download the free trial period by visiting the Vanguard tab on Then, you should see an option to play for free, which will begin your download.

Vanguard Free Access Week

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