Vanguard patch stability fixes

A new weapon tuning patch has arrived in Call of Duty: Vanguard Season Two. The patch affects a lot of various guns in the game. For example, the Cooper Carbine got many tweaks to its attachments. Weapons in the light machine gun and marksman rifle classes have also seen some changes. And, of course, what is a patch without the usual sweep up for bugs?

Let’s hop straight in to the details to see how it will impact your loadouts. Beginning with the Cooper Carbine, the 22” Cooper Custom barrel has been given an increased aim down sight time. As this attachment already transforms your gun into one that is highly accurate and controllable. The faster aim down sight time should allow you to lock on to your enemies much quicker. Also, the 8” Ragdoll Short and 18” Ragdoll G45 barrels have been adjusted to have decreased recoil while firing. The final Cooper Carbine attachment to go through a change is the Cooper 45rs, which now has increased initial recoil when firing.


Vanguard weapon tuning patch hits light machine guns

The patch sets its sights on a few light machine guns. For one, the Type 11’s recoil has been decreased. The Bren has received some tweaks with increased sprint out time and hip fire spread. At the same time, the Oak and Shield 590mm Model 2B barrel now hits you with a 8% decrease in aim down sight time. On the other hand, the .50 BMG 50 Round Mags has been given a faster aim down sight time and better hip fire spread. If you are a fan of the Whitley and use the .50 BMG 150 Round Boxes magazine, you will now find that you have been hit with a 32% decrease in damage bonus.

Other notable changes have been made to the aim down sight time of marksman rifles. The M1 Garand and and G-43 marksman rifle both have decreased aim down sight time and the SVT-40 an increase. Thanks to the Vanguard weapon tuning patch, the issue with the Kar98k having a slower than intended aim down sight time without an optic equipped has been fixed.

Vanguard M1 Garand Class

The Vanguard weapon tuning patch does not forget about squashing bugs. Sledgehammer has addressed some issues in the new Arms Race game mode. An exploit has been fixed that saw players become invincible after dying to fall damage has been fixed. Moreover, players should no longer have an invisible weapon when certain blueprints are used.

As Activision released a statement back in January promising to improve the state of the game, we can expect more Vanguard patches in the near future.

Vanguard weapon tuning patch

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