New Wave Of Cheating Invades Call Of Duty Warzone Via Bot Matches (1)

For those that love their first-person shooters, nothing comes quite as big as the Call of Duty franchise. With Activision and its stable of studios at the helm of this gigantic franchise, fans have been treated to good to awesome experiences annually. However, the arrival of Call of Duty: Warzone seems to have changed the landscape for the better. Here is a persistent, competitive experience that will seemingly bridge all the different games. More crucially, it is where the competition is always at its peak for multiplayer. However, the latest challenge comes in the form of cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone for the competitive scene.

A new exploit is letting more experienced players get matches that are filled with bots or worse, new players. This unbalanced way of playing will certainly stack the odds in the pros’ favor. There is no way that this is how the game is meant to be played.


This new wave of cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone follows a third-party app that also allows players to manipulate matchmaking to their advantage. This new exploit can skip standard matchmaking and send players straight to ideal lobbies. Although the developers can balance the game as much as they can, such cheating negates all of the good work of skill-based matchmaking.

Competitive edge

Call of Duty YouTuber Drift0r details this new exploit, while wisely keeping the way it works to himself in a new video. This cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone apparently helps players get into matches with AI-controlled opponents about 66% of the time. The remaining matches have more actual players, but they are likely to be newcomers.

Of course, there are also instances where Drift0r and his cohorts come up against other extremely skilled players. It is likely they are taking advantage of the same exploit as well. Needless to say, this does not help the game one bit. This will also definitely not be a good experience for those jumping into the fray unknowingly.

New Wave Of Cheating Invades Call Of Duty Warzone Via Bot Matches (2)

Activision has been informed by Drift0r regarding the new cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone. It remains to be seen just what can be done to level the playing field once again.

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