Warzone Season 6

It’s no matter of debate that Call of Duty: Warzone restored the franchise to its former glories. It brought cross-play, cross-progression, and more recently, cross-generation support. Players from all platforms have the opportunities to enjoy the exciting, large-scale experience together. Therefore it’s no surprise that Activision plans to continue this plan of success with the next installment in the franchise. Black Ops Cold War launches on November 13, and Warzone will be integrated into the latest Call of Duty experience in December.

We learned from Activision back in September that progression would be linked across the titles. The publisher also stated that all post-launch updates would be free for players, just like with Warzone. There will still be premium battle pass content, but it sounds like the business model is the same. Activision fully intends to keep players engaged. It will transition Warzone into the Cold War era and provide new guns, operators, gadgets, and probably a map as well. The best part is that guns and customizations will carry over with the players. This should be very exciting for players who are tired of resetting every time and grinding for what they want. The start of Black Ops Cold War will not shut down Warzone in any capacity, but rather, enhance it.

The past meets the present in Call of Duty: Warzone

Black Ops Cold War will introduce the Cold War era to the Call of Duty franchise and focus on the formula and characters that made the particular brand so popular back in 2010. It’s strange to think that Warzone will regress backwards by multiple decades, but these are just video games after all. The crossovers should be epic, no less convenient. We’re still unsure of how the gameplay mechanics seen in the Black Ops Cold War beta will translate into Warzone, but it’s possible that the base game will feel different from the battle royale. Once we get our hands on each, we’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, you can focus on getting your PC specs up to par with the levels of performance you want. You can check out the official system requirements for Black Ops Cold War here.

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