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Rebirth Island has not received many changes since it first launched inĀ Call of Duty: Warzone. However, Raven Software and Beenox recently made some changes to the fan-favorite map. This has introduced some new points of interest and overhauled of some of the existing landing spots. As Rebirth Island is much smaller than Caldera in size, you’ll want to get off to the best start possible, as you are likely to find your first engagement shortly after you land. This guide will point you towards the best Rebirth Island landing spots since the Warzone Pacific Rebirth Reinforced update.

Docks is one of the new areas of the map. There is a large building packed with loot and supply crates, so it should be easy to get some high quality loot and rack up cash. Once you arrive at the Docks, there’s a hard to miss boat floating on the water. Climb aboard for a chance to get even more valuable loot. You can also complete the Easter egg that’s tied to the boat, which will grant you a free supply crate.


Next up is Chemical Engineering. This landing spot has more to offer than it seems. If you can get control of the main building, the Chemical Engineering spot will be relatively easy for you and your squad to hold down. Moreover, climbing up to the roof allows you to have eyes over other locations, such as the Bioweapons Labs.

A more chaotic approach

If you want a fast paced game from the get-go, Prison and Control Center are the spots for you. Landing on the roof at any of these points of interest means joining a gun fight straight away. However, landing in one of the windows does grant you a few seconds to grab some loot. A buy station can spawn at Control Center, so your survival is key to quickly getting your hands on a loadout drop.

The Warzone Pacific Rebirth Reinforced update kept the map fresh while keeping some familiarity and popular landing spots. Perhaps more updates could be in the works for the future.

Warzone Pacific Rebirth Reinforced Landing Spots

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