Warzone Rebirth Island Statistics

Rebirth Island is played at a completely different pace to Verdansk ’84. The smaller map, and the chance to respawn multiple times, can allow you to rack up a higher amount of kills. Currently, the available Rebirth Island playlist is Resurgence Extreme Quads. This has bumped up the player count to 60, making your matches even more action packed. If you are a fan of Call of Duty: Warzone’s Rebirth Island, you may be interested to find out what your stats are on this map. Now, thanks to a third party website, you can do just that.

The website is called Rebirth Sweats and it features a range of facts and figures. You can view a leaderboard of the daily sweats, which are the best matches in the last 24 hours. Also, you can check out the longest win streaks on the Season Five leaderboard, and more.


How to view your Rebirth Island stats

To access your personal statistics you will have to make sure your Warzone stats are set to public. To make them public, you’ll have to visit the Call of Duty website and log in with your details. Once you have done this, go to your linked accounts and set the searchable and data visible options to all.

Next, visit Rebirth Sweats, select your platform, and type in the username you use to play Warzone. After you click search, choose the sync matches option to begin retrieving your Rebirth Island information. As soon as this process is complete, your Rebirth Island stats will appear. From your kill record, longest win streak, and time played, the Rebirth Sweats website has all the details you need.

Since you can not view your Rebirth Island stats in Warzone, Rebirth Sweats is definitely a fun tool to use. Most importantly though, it allows you to secure bragging rights over your friends.

Warzone Rebirth Island Stats

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