Answer The Call Of The Sea And Experience An Otherworldly Tale Of Discovery (2)

The unknown is an attractive prospect to adventurers — the tinge of anticipation, the joy of discovery, and the apprehension at what lies around the next corner. It all makes for a promising premise, and that is exactly what you will get and more with Call of the Sea, an otherworldly first-person adventure puzzle game debut from indie game studio Out of the Blue.

Search and discover

Set in the 1930s in the isolated reaches of the South Pacific, Call of the Sea casts players as Norah, “who has crossed the ocean in a desperate search for her husband that has gone missing.” Arriving on a nameless, strange island paradise that was his last known location, you begin your search. Discover remnants of a lost civilization, solve puzzles, and find secrets, and you just might find out the fate of your husband. Of course, the mysteries do not end there.

Perhaps over time you will realize that not everything on the island is as it seems. Judging from the trailer, we did see a pair of amphibian hands towards the end. Now that is a hook that will get us on board anytime.

Answer The Call Of The Sea And Experience An Otherworldly Tale Of Discovery (1)

Call of the Sea also features the stellar work of actress Cissy Jones. You might recognize her from Firewatch, and her ability to create a strong presence and convey emotions with her voice was what attracted the studio. In fact, it was the love of titles such as Firewatch, Subnautica, and more that inspired the creators.

As Out of the Blue puts it, “Call of the Sea is our love letter to the genre and a way of deepening our own experience and adding new dimensions to it. We hope to create a game for everyone out there that carries a nostalgic torch for the genre and for new players that have yet to discover the joy of adventure games with puzzle solving.”

The adventure in Call of the Sea will take place on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC in late 2020 and will be available with Xbox Game Pass when the game launches.

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