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Capcom accused by filmmaker of taking monster design for Resident Evil Village

There's a Sturm a-comin'.
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Resident Evil Village launched last week to critical acclaim, but at least one person is less than happy about its release. A Dutch filmmaker has accused Capcom of taking his monster design. In 2013, Richard Raaphorst released a movie called Frankenstein’s Army. After seeing Sturm from the game, however, he noticed that it looked a little familiar.

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In a LinkedIn post, he shared two comparison images accusing Capcom of copying his monster. I’m including a picture from Twitter user CloneKorp at the bottom of this article if you want to see for yourself. Accusations of copying someone else’s hard work are never to be taken lightly. I’m curious to see what Capcom has to say.


If you haven’t played Resident Evil Village, at one point Ethan fights a monster with a propeller attached to its face. Not only do we see this enemy prominently displayed in the game, but he also has two appearances prior to his boss fight. If you look at images of the similar monster from Frankesteins Army, you can see that it too is a big guy with a propeller strapped to its face. Coincidences happen, but this could possibly be an homage to the film. Twitter user CloneKorp posted their own comparison shots that make it clear just how similar the two characters are.

Capcom accused by filmmaker of taking design

That isn’t to say that they’re identical, mind you. Sturm is shirtless and has a glowing reactor on his back, while the creature from Frankenstein’s Army is clothed. The propellers themselves are also notably different. The one in the movie has red tips on each of the three blades, while Resident Evil Village‘s is totally black. Sturm’s propellers are also much longer, and his general design is bulkier. Regardless, it’s clear that they’re of similar concept, and I’ve certainly never seen any other monsters with propellers on their faces before.

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