One of Capcom’s most commonly despised decisions of this generation is the inclusion of on-disc downloadable content, which has managed to find it’s way into a variety of Capcom’s franchises. Devil May Cry will not follow suit however. This is not to say that there won’t be any DLC, in fact the developers, Ninja Theory announced the first DLC plans quite a while back. At least we won’t be paying out for 300Kb unlocks though.

    The Sixth Axis writes:

    Capcom have confirmed to TheSixthAxis this morning that the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot, cutely named DmC, will feature no on-disk DLC.

    Capcom have been the subject of much internet moaning over the last year, with several games containing DLC already on the disk, unlocked via Store purchases that were (in some cases) merely 100KB unlock keys.

    The most notable title was Resident Evil 6, which causes a minor outcry, but prior to that was Street Fighter X Tekken which featured 12 characters hidden away on the disk.


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