Capcom has revealed that they are now opened up to acquisitions following their most recent investor’s meeting.

    Basically, what happened was Capcom took a series of measures called takeover defense, which protected the company from the risk of being acquired or taken over by another company. They had this going for two years, but this year, they did not get the majority shareholder vote required to do this, and so now the takeover defense has been dropped.

    This happens under interesting circumstances, as their market cap is currently at 115 billion yen and their net worth ratio is up YoY from 60.2 to 66.1 %. It would seem some shareholders want to pitch Capcom, in part or in full, to some buyers. It’s possible that some of them might be thinking about doing the acquisition themselves.

    Or, there simply could have been extenuating circumstances stopping them from reaching that majority vote, and this means nothing. We will keep our eyes peeled for the following months to see if any news on Capcom mergers or acquisitions come out.

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