September 5th, 2017

Capcom releases side-by-side screens of Resident Evil 4 HD

resident evil 4 hd pc - 4

In part of their ongoing plot to make you buy the same game fifteen times, Capcom announced Super Resident Evil 4 HD Remix Ultra Turbo Plus – Ultimate Edition the other day. This version brings HD textures, 60fps, and basically every piece of bonus content from every other version of the game.

Welp, now they’ve gone and released some side-by-side screenshots showing the difference between Resi 4 in HD and Resi 4 in SD. There’s also a screenshot of the options menu, because PC versions have options, and this is Important. Oh, and Capcom also offered a download link for their recently-released trailer, because YouTube doesn’t actually display videos in 60fps. If you want to see how the game looks at 60fps, you can find a download link on this page on Capcom Unity.

Welp, at least this time they waited a few years before re-releasing it on PC. And at least this time, Resident Evil 4 probably won’t have a catastrophic port. Capcom’s recent PC ports have been pretty damn good, so hey, getting a definitive version of Resident Evil 4 is no bad thing. I wouldn’t say it looks better, exactly – cleaner, mostly – but the 60fps certainly makes a bit of a difference to the way the game appears.

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