Time to stock up on some Resident Evil and Devil May Cry if such things take your fancy, as Steam is having a Capcom publisher sale this weekend. Somehow, the weekend extends to Thursday so it’s actually already in progress.

It’s kind of a mixed set of deals, and I get the sense that Capcom has a pretty good idea which games will be in higher demand (because those are the ones not discounted quite so heavily.) For example, it was revealed that Resident Evil 5, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record will be going fully Steamworks in the near future, which I imagine would drive some sales. They’re all half off, which isn’t terrible or anything, but perhaps a little on the high side for games a few years old.

Contrast that with 2013’s Remember Me which is going for $6.00 USD (80% off.)

It’s also quite interesting to see Resident Evil 4 (HD) selling for only slightly less money ($10.00 USD vs $12.50 USD) than the “complete pack” for Resident Evil 6.

You can get a “complete pack” for DmC: Devil May Cry too, bundling the game and all DLC for a sale price of $15.00 USD. If the older Devil May Cry games are more your thing, 3 and 4 are packed together for $7.50 USD. I think Devil May Cry 3 is an infamously bad PC port though.

Titles like Ducktales: Remastered and Dark Void are included in this discount bonanza as well.

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