Forget that the Steam Summer Sale was just a few months ago. If you didn’t delve into your wallet and snag some major deals, look no further than the Capcom Steam Sale. It runs from Sept. 11-15 and will offer some major discounts on games under the Capcom umbrella. There’s an Umbrella Corp. joke in there somewhere for those wanting to venture down that path.

    Games offered on the sale will range from 50-80% off. So, if you were looking for something like the Capcom All-Star pack, it will run you $24.99, a 72% discount, and nab you the following:

    • Dead Rising 2
    • Devil May Cry 4
    • RE6 / BH6: Onslaught Mode
    • RE6 / BH6: Predator Mode
    • RE6 / BH6: Siege Mode
    • RE6 / BH6: Survivors Mode
    • Resident Evil 6 / Biohazard 6
    • Resident Evil 6 Wallpaper

    Other games featured include DmC: Devil May Cry and other Resident Evil titles. Click here for the full listing of content.

    Greg Bargas
    A console gamer gone rogue. Collector of retro games, pun and dad joke enthusiast. My spotify playlists are out of control. Rocket League anyone?Twitter: enthusiast_greg

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