Carbine creative director Chad Moore and product director Mike Donatelli spoke frankly to Eurogamer about MMO Wildstar and the many concerns that’s come up in the last few weeks. Above all else, they want to assure fans that the game has NCSoft’s support and still has a bright future ahead of it.

Regarding layoffs, they confirmed the ballpark figure of 60 employees, and explained that they were mostly hired to ensure the game got off the ground. The developer actually still has a hundred-something employees working on the game.

Regarding the Glassdoor reviews, which allows employees to rate companies anonymously and publicly, they are not contesting, or confirming, any claims. Rather, they actually took the time to consider their company culture and dynamics, with management talking amongst themselves and discussing it with staff.

Of course, the game is still in active development, with server mergers, bug fixes and rebalancing, and the promise of future content on the way.

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