Carbine Studios Senior Producer Eric DeMilt brings the latest news from the studio behind the unannounced MMO.
    Next week Carbine will reveal their new sci-fi MMO at Gamescom for the first time, and in this week’s blog update he discusses what the team are currently working on before the big reveal.
    In the update he discusses the usability testing and how the project is coming together and also gauging reactions to the game as testers try it out. 
    “One of the best parts of all the testing we’ve been doing lately is finally getting the opportunity to see the game we have been working on come together and watching people react to it the way we hoped they would! We’ve got a unique art style that has allowed us to build an epic world filled with technology and magic. We love it! We’ve worked hard to create a world we want to be in, and so far, the people who have seen it have really enjoyed it.”
    For the full blog from Carbine check out the entry on their website.

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