September 5th, 2017

Card Hunter coming under Attack of the Artifacts this month

card hunter battle-screen-030611

Blue Manchu have announced their first full expansion set for Card Hunter, titled Attack of the Artifacts.

Attack of the Artifacts features a trio of sentient artifacts, hidden beneath Black Plume Mountain, aiming to… well, do something dastardly, probably. I’m not sure. They’ve amassed a horde of followers from Thought Munchers, Umber Bulks, and Plant Pygmies, though, so it’s not likely to be good. Expect new monsters, new cards, new adventures, and plenty more things prefixed with “new”.

Attack of the Artifacts will also be adding organised league play, which will allow players to take control of monster decks and battle across new multiplayer boards, with rewards ranging from treasure chests through to Papa Manchu pizza and unique figures.

This will apparently be a paid set (with the price yet to be determined), but as Card Hunter is free, that seems entirely fair. Unless it’s £60 or something, anyway.

Attack of the Artifacts is due out later this month, and you can see an announcement comic for it below. If you haven’t played Card Hunter then you are very silly and should rectify this right now by going over to the official website, or if you need more convincing, go and look at the plethora of bits we’ve written about it in the past. Did I mention it’s by people who worked on System Shock 2, and we talked to them about that game? Because there’s that, too.

card hunter comic

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