Stainless Games, the indie team behind the development of Carmageddon Reincarnation, is looking to raise a little more capital to aid the creation of the next in the infamous car-carnage series. Why do they need additional investment when the game was already underway? Well, partly because the company has spent over $350,000 USD already; mostly on getting the license back and early development.
That’s where the general public comes in. In order to shunt the vehicle over the finish line, Stainless is looking for $400,000 USD. If they somehow generate more than that, then the game may well be coming to platforms other than the PC (right now, the plan is to deliver it to $15+ backers through Steam).
As usual, a range of reward tiers are open to backers. These go from a simple token gesture of $1 USD (which earns you nothing except a pat on the back) all the way up to the insanity of a $10,000 USD pledge which will get you a trip to the Stainless offices in the UK and the chance to create your own in-game character (to be run over immediately).
At the time of writing, the project is closing in on $60,000 USD. Not bad for a days work.
You can watch the team’s pitch video, below.


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