The first screenshots for Carrier Command: Gaea Mission have been released.The game, under development by Bohemia Interactive, sees players take control of a “near-future aircraft carrier of immense power” as they fight their way through the colony planetoid of Taurus.The original 1988 game had players piloting their carrier around the seas, capturing islands and acquiring resources with the eventual goal of destroying the opponent’s carrier. The twist was that, while it plays out like a strategy game, all of the built units were directly controllable.It sounds like Gaea Mission will follow suit, with an “exciting combination of first-person action and strategic elements in a complete experience like no other” mentioned. We presume they’ve forgotten about Hostile Waters, then. Why does everyone always forget about Hostile Waters?Still, the screenshots for the frankly stunning Carrier Command: Gaea Mission follow. The game itself is due out at some point in 2010.

    Paul Younger
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