June 20th, 2017

Cartography pays: Rising Storm hosts mapping contest with cash prizes

ro2 rising storm

Budding map-makers, prick up your ears: Tripwire Interactive is running a competition for people keen to build some battlegrounds for the newly released Rising Storm.

This perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise, being that Tripwire did pretty much the same thing with Red Orchestra 2 last year, but it’s nice to see developers actually championing modding and user-made bits and bobs for a change. Anyone with Rising Storm can take part, as the SDK you need can be downloaded from Steam by everyone who owns the game.

There are apparently a number of prizes on offer, totalling over $25,000 USD, with the grand prize a rather decent $10,000. The contest starts RIGHT NOW with some formal feedback on offer on 3 September, and the final (and only) judging on 5 November.

Check out the full details on the official website.

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